Family therapy focuses on providing counseling and support to multiple members of a family. Often, when a member of a family is experiencing with a challenging issue or problem, it can have a ripple effect on another family member or the entire family unit.  

Regardless of whether a family is traditional or not, seeking family counseling can be effective and valuable when a family is struggling with a variety of concerns, some of which may include:

  • Substance abuse issues
  • Divorce (or the possibility of divorce)
  • A family member experiencing a emotional or behavioral issues
  • Any trauma or life transition

My family therapy practice is focused on helping families:

  • Identifying issues and concerns, and finding solutions that will be effective and lasting
  • Strengthening and deepening familial relationships
  • Helping families resolve conflicts and experience the satisfaction of positive growth

I have provided family therapy for 11 plus years at Children’s Hospital Colorado. I enjoy helping families practice productive and healthy ways to communicate with one another and to successfully work through their issues and cultivate respectful and loving relationships at home. 

Therapy for Both Children and Families

Parenting can be very challenging when a child is struggling, or when a family is going through a life transition.  I can provide Individual Therapy to the child to help him or her work through issues, as well as family therapy and parent coaching in order to help parents create a caring, safe and structured environment at home.